bd98522c61c6fd8fe0c052bb393bd315You need to use your imagination when you set out to purchase planks for your hardwood floors. There are several sorts of timber you are able to choose from but you need to choose the one that is just the ideal size and colour for your property. Following are some simple instructions Which You Can follow so as to choose the best wide hardwood planks to your flooring:

Pick Wood That Will Compliment Your Space

For timber floors to look good it is absolutely essential that you choose wood wit11150242_10152948300829580_3653082796195608977_nh the grain, color and finish that appeals to you the most and that enhances and compliments the furniture and light around your house or room. The most crucial thing is the appeal and atmosphere which the wood flooring will create. Try to picture if tan, blond or amber will look good on your home or deeper colors will look best in accordance with the lighting in the room. Lighter woods such as walnut, cherry, pine, red and white oak can give an airy appearance to your dimly lit area. Darker ones such as deeply hued wood like walnut or cherry can provide a proper and elegant appearance to your space and are best suited for areas like an office or a study.


Wood can endure for generations provided it is taken care of. In the event you chose wood which is harder than walnut such as ash, birchwalnut then they are harder to complete as compared to walnut and you can leave them in their natural condition. On the flip side, oak is the best choice if you would like to correct the color on the floor. If you want to create a rustic appeal then using heartwood pine is the ideal option to give your home a warm and bright Early American look.

Choosing the Width of the Plank

Wide plank hardwood flooring 5+ inches in diameter are ideal for big or darkened rooms. The natural pattern of wood is more visible on larger boards and will have a larger effect. If you want to give your house and room a grander appearance then wide wood planks are the way to go.

Choosing a Finish

Untitled collageChoosing the ideal end can help you enhance the tone and tone of the timber. The end can also be employed to adjust the colour of the floor according to the demands of your room or house. High gloss floors will offer a sophisticated style while low gloss flooring might be more suited to a modern farmhouse style.

Imagine the Transformation

once you’ve chosen the wood invest some time in the area that you are likely to re-floor. This can allow you to picture the way your room or certain space in your house will look like when your preferred wood planks are set up.

Final Word of Advice

Request a floor consultant what he believes about your chosen wood plank to have a clearer picture as well as an expert’s advice.
Follow the mentioned measures and you’ll have no trouble in picking out wide hardwood planks for your floors. Eltham Floor Sanding has been helping people select hardwood floors that match their personal design since 2019.

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